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  • Use of Leavend Bread in the Lord’s Supper

    The thoughtful reader of last week’s article will be tempted to raise the question, “If you are so concerned about getting it right with the wine, why do you fudge when it comes to the bread, using leavened bread?” In fact, I remember a visitor approaching me after communion one Sunday visibly upset because we used leaven bread. He never came back.

    …there are times when God specifically calls for sacrifices of leaven

    The concern over leavened bread stems from two faulty premises. The first is the common misconception that leaven is always used as a symbol for sin in the Bible. To be sure it often is (cf. 1 Cor. 5:6-8; Ex. 12:12-14). But there are times when God specifically calls for sacrifices of leaven (cf. Lev. 7:13; Amos 4:5). Furthermore, Jesus uses leaven positively … Read More »

  • Use of Wine in the Lord’s Supper

    I could hear the giggles of the teenagers visiting our church after they unsuspectingly drank wine during communion. Like these teenagers, visitors from Low Church communions are often caught off guard when they find out that we serve wine during the covenant meal. Why do we serve wine during the supper while some churches insist upon serving grape juice?

    For 1800 years the church was in complete agreement on this subject. When the supper was served, bread and wine were the elements used. This is clearly seen when one reads the Westminster Confession of Faith, for example, wherein we are told that the minister is to bless the “elements of bread and wine” (WCF 29:3). This unanimity, however, was prior to the temperance movement of the nineteenth century and before the eighteenth amendment. Since then … Read More »

  • Lord’s Supper – Frequency

    How often should we partake of the Supper? In some churches it is quarterly, in many monthly, some bi-monthly and in ours weekly. Such varied regularity is an indicator that we are lacking in a particular (“proof”) text to offer explicit guidance on the topic. Proof texts lacking, there are, nevertheless, good Biblical reasons for us to share in the covenant meal more frequently rather than less. For example, we find the early church breaking bread as often as they met (Acts 2:46). In 1 Corinthians Paul exposes the errors of the church especially those relating to the holy meal.

    we find the early church breaking bread as often as they met (Acts 2:46)

    It’s in that context that he suggests they partake of the meal regularly when he says, “when you come together as … Read More »