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  • Children in Worship

    Sometimes it is surprising to visitors, especially those who are on pilgrimage from broadly evangelical churches, when they find out that we include our children in the worship service and encourage full participation. More and more the church is becoming segregated, no longer by race but now by age. Adults go here, middle schoolers here, high schoolers there and children’s church over there. To operate like this is extremely troubling not only because it separates families from one another, but also because it removes those high school and under from the means of grace. Since we believe that God extends his grace to us through his appointed means (prayer, preaching and the sacraments) and through his appointed minister, it follows then that the corporate worship service offers the church something far greater than children’s church can.

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  • Children and the Lord’s Supper

    Throughout history all theological traditions of the church have been unanimous in affirming that communion is for those who are baptized. The reasoning is simple: To be baptized is to be a Christian and communion is for Christians. Baptism is the initiatory rite into the body of Christ—therefore it is only done once—and the Lord’s Supper is the ongoing, frequently repeated rite given to the church for nourishment and to sustain her along her pilgrim way. Only excommunication wipes the imprint of baptism away.

    If children have been baptized and are covenant members may they come too?

    Of course affirming that communion is for the baptized raises some important and challenging questions for those who affirm and embrace covenant theology. Think about it. If children have been baptized and are covenant members may they come too? Basically … Read More »

  • God Doesn’t Need Your Money!

    By Joseph Randall

    Last week we thought about why we should support missions, but this week we want to ponder why we should not. One reason we should not support missions is if our motivation flows out of an unbiblical view of God. We should not support missions because we think God needs us or because we think His purpose for all the nations to praise Him is in jeopardy without us.

    God doesn’t need our money; God doesn’t need New Life Presbyterian Church; He doesn’t need the Presbyterian Church in America; He doesn’t need Mission to the World; He doesn’t need anything! Listen to how the Apostle Paul says:

    The God who made the world and everything in it, being Lord of heaven and earth, does not live in temples made by man, nor is he served by human … Read More »

  • Missions

    In today’s WWDWWD and throughout this week when we use the word “missions” we will be thinking primarily of foreign missions. That is, missions specifically targeting peoples in foreign countries and foreign cultures. It is especially important for us to ask the “Why we do what we do” question about missions because too often in our thinking we stop at the penultimate rather than probing the ultimate. That is, we frequently stop short of asking what is the ultimate goal of a particular task and content ourselves with the doing of the task. Few people ask the ultimate question: Why am I here? Most are content with just being and doing. Few couples ask the question: Why marriage? Few ask: Why children? Most are content with being married and having children. … Read More »