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  • Knowing God

    Narrowly defined, theology is the study of God. Generally, though, theology is defined more broadly, relating to God and Christ, creation and new creation, redemption and reconciliation, and everything in between. As Herman Bavinck says, “So then the knowledge of God is the only dogma, the exclusive content, of the entire field of dogmatics. All the doctrines treated in dogmatics—whether they concern the universe, humanity, Christ and so forth—are but the explication of the one central dogma of the knowledge of God (Dogmatics, II:29). So everything is related to the study and knowledge of God. Understood in this way, theology proves itself to be immensely practical (Who would have thought?). More than practical, theology proves itself to be the very essence and foundation of life.

    The knowledge of God “is life itself”

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  • Psalm 119:33-40

    The tone of Ps. 119:33-40 is one of need, desperation and passion. Every verse but the last begins with a request: teach…give me understanding…lead me…incline my heart…turn my eyes…confirm…turn away. It is a most helpful section of Scripture in assisting us in praying for conformity to God’s Word and for greater growth in godliness. The whole gambit of one’s Christian life is touched upon. Prayer is made for desires and motives: incline my heart (119:36). God is sought for wisdom and understanding (119:33-34). God is petitioned to lead and guide as his people navigate through life (119:35). And God is called upon to deliver from evil and its temptations: turn my eyes away from looking at worthless things (Ps. 119:37).

    The whole gambit of one’s Christian life is touched upon.

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