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  • Introduction to Christian Worship – God’s Love Made Visible

    White has moved from the service of the word—the part of the service that includes everything except the sacraments—to the part in the service that includes the visible word—the sacraments. He will deal with baptism and the Lord’s Supper in subsequent chapters. For now, though, this chapter treats, in general, what are traditionally called the sacraments. As he notes, this is an important subject for Christians and for students of Christian worship because,

    For the majority of Christians worldwide, the sacraments are the most common experience of worship. In the worship life of almost all Christians, the sacraments certainly play a significant, not dominant, role.White

    As noted above, the sacraments are words, but they are words that are visible. That is, they are sign-acts, acts that convey meaning. They involve acts and words and objects. Calvin highlighted this when he … Read More »

  • Introduction to Christian Worship – Service of the Word

    James F. White’s  book is amazingly even-handed and the breadth is breathtaking. He has the remarkable ability of taking a topic and scanning the whole of Christendom, throughout the ages, graciously, in about twenty pages. This chapter on “The Service of the Word” offers more of the same in this regard. White’s chapter is broken down into three major sections: The History of the Service of the Word; Theology of the Service of the Word; and Pastoral Concerns of the Service of the Word. By “Service of the Word,” White means more than just the time during the service where there is preaching and teaching. By “Service of the Word,” White means everything during the service excluding the Lord’s Supper – or to put it another way, the first half of the service. Historically, this part of the worship service … Read More »