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  • Revivalism, part 4

    Revivalism has manifested itself in myriad ways throughout the church’s history, but most foundationally it is an exchange of the means of grace—the preached word through the ordained servant of Christ, the sacraments and prayer—for something more exciting. In other words, revivalism sets aside the church and the fundamental activities of the church for something else. Or to put it another way, revivalism doesn’t lead Christians into the Church but out of her. Revivalism inherently has a low view of church. Revivalism doesn’t believe what Calvin said, that you can’t have God as your father if the church is not your mother. Revivalism rejects the statements of the Westminster Standards which, like Calvin, says that ordinarily there is no salvation outside the church.

    Examples of this have been going on for a long time. Think of the tent revivals several hundred … Read More »

  • Revivalism, part 3

    When I first came to New Life I noticed so many different things from the churches I had been in. I did not always understand the differences, but I noticed them. One of those things I noticed was that when the men or women went away for their retreat—another interesting topic to consider historically and through the lens of revivalism, but we will save that for another time—they would return on Saturday night. The other churches to which I belonged never it did it that way. Pragmatically having a retreat that begins late Friday afternoon and requires a good distance of travel and then ends on Saturday afternoon is not really that great of an option. Hence, many churches go away for Friday night and Saturday night. Theologically, getting home on Saturday is genius because it gets the members home … Read More »

  • Revivalism, part 2

    I saw a bumper sticker on a car this week. I like to read bumper stickers. I don’t have any on any of my cars; though, I think I secretly want to have some. Confessions aside, the one that got my attention went like this: Tebow for President. You thought things were bad now…. really, though, I can’t make this stuff up (I do have a picture for any who want proof). And since it was a car in our church parking lot I’m assuming that it was sincere. But that bumper sticker got me thinking about the article I wrote about Tebow at the stadium. I got a lot of feedback about that one, by the way. Nice to know you all are reading. I was at Rubio’s this week with one of our members having lunch. Someone came … Read More »