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  • Union with Christ, part 3

    The basis of our union with Christ is Christ’s union with us in the incarnation.

    Our union with Christ is rooted in creation because we are created in God’s image. Because we are created in God’s image we are all, with a number of other things, compatible with him. To be made in God’s image means that we reflect God’s characteristic of being relational. This is why we find Adam interacting with God relationally prior to the fall. All that was present then, however, was tragically lost at the fall. Man was plunged into sin and death, the image of God was marred and terribly effaced, and the relationship that once existed was ruptured. In order for the relationship to be restored something needed to take place that could overcome the separation.

    At the heart of this restoration and at the heart … Read More »

  • The Church Calendar and Colors

    When it comes to historic Christian worship I think it is safe to say that we are probably more tied to it than some would like and, for others, not tied to it closely enough. One example of this is our use of the church calendar. By and large we don’t follow it. I don’t preach from the lectionary—though we do have readings from it the PM worship service, not slavishly, though. Usually we don’t have a special series of sermons during advent or lent. Easter and Christmas, much to the Puritans’ chagrin, are singled out for special mention. That said, we are not oblivious to the calendar either. I mentioned Christmas and Easter already. If you haven’t noticed we also note the season of the church calendar and the specific Sunday on the first page of the bulletin. This … Read More »

  • 2012 Women’s Conference

    Biblical Womanhood: Generation to Generation
    Friday, October 12 & Saturday, October 13th

    All women, high school age and up, are invited to hear Susan Hunt, author and former director of Women’s Ministries for the PCA, speak on the topic of Biblical Womanhood.

    Join us for 6 p.m. dinner on Friday, followed by Session1.

    Breakfast will be served at 7:45 on Saturday, followed by Session 2 and 3.

    Cost is free to New Life members.
    Sign up in the Fellowship Hall beginning Sunday, September 9.


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  • Union with Christ, part 2

    Thinking about union with Christ needs to begin where the Bible begins: at creation. The reason for this is that in creation we get an insight into the nature of God and his goal for his creation. Here we find that man is created compatible to God. Further, creation reveals to us a God who is not only involved but also relational. He is a God who exists in three persons and who forever lives in unity and harmony and love with the members of the God. And because his creation of humanity is in his image, humans are also relational beings, living in community with one another and designed for union with their creator.

    These are obviously broad strokes, but it is important for us to note that God’s plan for union with his creation didn’t begin after the fall … Read More »

  • Union with Christ, part 1

    Recently a couple of the interns were out and began musing about the doctrine of union with Christ and how it relates to our salvation, generally, and our justification specifically. While our discussion was tedious, the doctrine of union with Christ is a rich source of encouragement for the believer and one that we do well to think on time and time again. Robert Letham—who will be our guide for considering this topic the next few weeks—begins his book on the subject, Union with Christ: In Scripture, History, and Theology, by noting that “Union with Christ is right at the center of the Christian doctrine of salvation” (p. 1). Calvin likewise recognized the importance of this doctrine.

    For we await salvation from him not because he appears to us afar off, but because he makes us, ingrafted into his … Read More »