Monthly Archives: July 2013

  • Evangelism Part 2: Re-baptism is not Baptism

    Last week I tried to make that point that infant baptism is baptism. Which is to say: infant baptism is a means of doing evangelism and making disciples. Similarly, I want us to continue to think about evangelism through the lens of baptism by making the point: Re-baptism isn’t baptism. When I was around 19 or 20, having undergone a profoundly religions experience and a turning from sin to Christ, I was encouraged to be “re-baptized.” The weird thing here was the group encouraging me to do this, on the one hand, absolutely insisted on it, so much so that membership was not allowed without it; but, on the other, they were equally clear that in the end baptism didn’t actually matter to anything. Rather, baptism, I was told, was about me taking a step of obedience and was about … Read More »

  • Vocation, part 6

    A Litany: Labor

    O thou all-wise creator of the world, who has made man in thine image to have dominion over thine other creatures, and has given him the duty to subdue the earth, that it may yield the riches you have hidden therein to supply his need: we thank you for the blessing of labor whereby we are made workers together with you: Bless and guide us, we beseech you.

    By human willfulness and waywardness, ignorance and greed, idleness and oppression, a curse has touched your blessing, and the joy of man in work has departed from many. For our part in this sin we beg your forgiveness, our heavenly father: Bless and guide us, we beseech you.

    From pride and avarice and tyranny over the bodies and spirits of men; from the hard heart which disregards the need of a fellow … Read More »