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  • Read through the Bible, Part 19

    Job 8 – 29; Acts 6:8 – 10:8

    Wisdom literature is always for living, not merely for knowing more stuff.

    Any honest reader of the book of Job has been startled by its message. It’s a story like no other. We love tales of rags to riches. But this is a story of riches to rags to riches. It’s a story of a man who has it all. He has all the money he could ever dream of. He’s got a beautiful wife and faithful kids. And he’s godly! But then one day it all changes. He loses it all. And then the book records a series of counseling sessions ending with God finally speaking and Job’s fortune restored. What is all this about? Job is a story which highlights God’s providence, Job’s patience, and the invitation for divine wisdom.

    Providentially, Job learns—and … Read More »