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  • The Great Dialogue

    Liturgies are like excuses: Everybody has one. Simply put, liturgy is what people do when they worship. So, no matter how much a church may insist that there is no liturgy, one will inevitably emerge. Equally important to recognize is that liturgies are shaped by a theological paradigm. Therefore, Presbyterians should not expect to worship like Charismatics and Anglicans and Roman Catholics because our theological convictions differ.

    What is it that shapes, most fundamentally and at the most basic level, our worship? The answer is: The Covenant of Grace. Our system of doctrine as articulated in the Westminster Standards is arranged according to the doctrine of the covenant. Hence, we confess a robust covenant theology. Likewise, our worship is to be arranged accordingly.

    A covenant in Scripture is the expression of God’s voluntary condescension wherein he bridges the great gulf which exists … Read More »

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