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  • Rootless Christianity

    There are many words students of Christianity have used to describe modern Evangelical Christianity, but few are better than the word rootless. Historically, theologically, and liturgically modern Evangelicalism lacks any type of mooring. And to most evangelicals that is not an insult or theological slur. In fact, in many circles it’s a badge of honor. Theological and liturgical innovation is encouraged and something to be celebrated. As you probably guessed, this saddens and scares me. I desperately want to be part of Christendom and its theology and traditions, theology and traditions that date back thousands of years. I want to engage in the theology and practice of the past in the ways Christians always have. In this way we are not against tradition across the board—as Protestants are often accused of being. Rather we are opposed—like Luther and Calvin—to bad … Read More »

  • Welcome!

    Thousands of years ago, God called a man named Abram to leave his home, his country and his family and promised to bless him and bless all the families of the earth through him. That covenant promise has been fulfilled in the person and work of Jesus Christ, the descendant of Abram, who forgives sins through His death and resurrection, and is in the process of restoring the divisions of the human race, restoring men and women to the glory for which we were made.

    Every Sunday we gather for worship because we believe God will do exactly what He promised. He calls us together every week promising to cleanse us from our sins, speak to us in His word, hear our prayers and praises, feed us at His table, and send us out into the world under His blessing. As … Read More »

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