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  • The Baptism of Our Lord

    This Sunday millions of Christians around the world will feast again. Last week it was for Epiphany—the celebration of the gospel going to the nations symbolized in the coming of the wise men from Asia and the Middle East. This week it’s the celebration of the baptism of our Lord. It’s analogous to Epiphany, just much bigger. In Epiphany Jesus is revealed to a handful of people from outside Israel—traditionally three. At this baptism Jesus is revealed to the entire world. A voice from heaven announces to the entire world Jesus’ messianic vocation.

    Additionally, Jesus’ baptism is testimony of what God is up to in his Son. Jesus’ baptism calls us back to the beginnings of the Bible – to the waters where the three persons of the Trinity were at work in the creation of the world. Likewise, at Jesus’ … Read More »