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  • The Peace of Christ

    It wasn’t until my son’s first wrestling match that I realized how intense and physically demanding the sport of wrestling is. It may be the purest expression of competition—two people with no gear engaged with one another for the sole

    As Christians, our vocation is the vocation of peace.

    purpose of dominating the other. In wrestling there are clear lines. There are winners. And there are losers. There is pain. It’s rough and tough. But more jarring than the physical combat, for me, was what takes place after the match is over. When the time is expired the two wrestlers face each other and shake hands. At first it seems a strange juxtaposition. But it’s not. It’s an important gesture. It’s as if to say, “Good job.” And, “that was a sport, a competition, I don’t hate you, I’m not mad … Read More »

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  • Welcome

    Welcome to New Life Presbyterian Church! We are glad you have joined with us to worship our Triune God. Please join us after the service in our fellowship hall and get to know others in our community who call New Life home. If you have any questions about our church—what we believe or why we do the thing we do—please feel free to contact the church.

    When you arrive for worship, please take opportunity to prepare yourself for worship and to enter into God’s Divine Service. Silence your cell phone, listen to the prelude, read the Scripture reading for the morning, and join others in prayer and meditation.

    Our Worship

    Our service is intentionally structured to reflect our belief that worship is God’s service to us, his people. By design, there are three parts to our worship: the Service of Entrance, the Service … Read More »